We discuss different ways to understand the “end” of the modern Western worldview: does it end? Does it entrench and solidify itself? Is it overcome, or an alternative present itself? How does it transform? In a sense, all of the above happens, and this incoherent plurality and its globalization becomes a key feature of our present moment and our contemporary understanding. Keeping power as a focus, we discuss ultramodernity, hypermodernity, postmodernity, and Shmuel Eisenstadt’s notion of “multiple modernities”.
Eisenstadt has written alot! Here are a couple of references specifically about multiple modernities:
Eisenstadt, Shmuel. (2000). Multiple modernities. Daedalus, 129(1), 1–29.
Eisenstadt, Shmuel. (2006). The great revolutions and the civilizations of modernity. Leiden: Brill.

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