In this episode we will explore the notion of thinking at different timescales. We will look at four different time scales: the Great Acceleration (1950-2020), Holocene (last 10,000 years), Anthropocene (current epoch), and the emergence of Homo Sapiens (200,000 years).

Some references:

On the notion of “crisis” in Chinese meaning danger + “incipient moment” (rather than opportunity), reference is to Sinologist Victor Mair. See

On the Great Acceleration, the work of Will Steffen and others; graphs depicting different components of the Great Acceleration are first published in 2004, the updated in 2010. (cf.

On the notion of a “safe operating space”, the phrase comes from Johan Rockstrom and others working out of the Stockholm Resilience Center, two major papers published in 2009 in Ecology & Society and in Nature researching “planetary boundaries”.

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