World Center for Christian Meditation (WCCM) is a growing global contemplative network, a spiritual family rooted in the Christian faith. They are committed to building a way of peace in our time of conflict and serve unity among all to build a community of faith composed of people with many beliefs. The Contemplative Christianity focus within the WCCM encourages dialogue among all Christian traditions concerning the contemplative renewal of Christianity and what this means for the church in their relationship with each other and their collective witness to the relevance of Christian life to our contemporary crisis. WCCM believe that meditation is a way to open the common ground of humanity. So, they work with other faiths and the secular world to develop the consciousness needed for a new, just way of living as a human family in harmony with our natural environment. Members of WCCM span more than a hundred countries. There are about sixty-seven national coordinators. Its international centre is Bonnevaux – an ancient monastic site now dedicated to global peace and dialogue around the daily practice of meditation – near Poitiers in France

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