I4C is the acronym for Institute for [“4”] Contemplative Ecology. I4C is also a doubly-loaded pun: “I foresee” referring to the prophetic voice that speaks truth to power in the Christian tradition, proclaiming “repent”, i.e. change your ways. It is also referring to contemporary climate science, in particular the IPCC, which “foresees” a global warming far beyond 1.5° C higher than pre-industrial levels if we don’t dramatically cut back on GHG emissions, i.e. change our ways.

What is the Institute for Contemplative Ecology?

● a not-for-profit organization established in 2021
● based on 130 acres of land on Pembina River
● commuting distance from Edmonton (~ 1 hr )
● an education-research-retreat center

What is it based on?

● contemplative practices of meditation, attention, observation, reflection
● a deep ecological awareness of place: land, water, plants, animals, sky & stars
● sustainable agricultural practices
(such as beekeeping, organic gardening,  regenerative farming, permaculture)

What is it committed to?

● developing a respectful relation to the land
● providing relevant spiritual & ecological programming & services
● partnering with, and supporting & advancing, like-spirited organizations

Are you interested in the Institute for Contemplative Ecology and what it’s trying to do? If you wish to contact us, send email to : chris.peet@kingsu.ca .

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