Psychokinetic chicks, UFOs, reincarnation, and telepathic parrots? Exploring the psyche outside the box: An investigation of parapsychology

Janki Trivedi, Alexandra Greidanus, Ameilia McNish, Bianca Dublois, Brynelle Barrs, Charlene Kasongo, Daniel Woods, Dawson Strand, Deanna Kool, Janelle Krenz, Jessica Bron, Jessica Hewitt, Kaneesha Dion, Kenan Helgren, Ludivine Maniraguha, Owen Leeder, Ruby-Ann Van Egmond, & Christopher Peet


Parapsychology is the scientific study of experiences which, if they are as they seem to be, are “in principle outside the realm of human capabilities as presently conceived by conventional scientists.” (Irwin, 1999) Parapsychology is the scientific study of interactions between living organisms and their external environment that seem to transcend the known physical laws of nature.  These phenomena indicate operations of factors unknown to or unrecognized by orthodox science, popularly referred to as paranormal factors.

There may be phenomena interpreted as paranormal but it might not be included in the research done by parapsychologists because, “the considerable majority of scientific parapsychologists would not concede as legitimate issues in the field.” These include phenomena such as “witch-craft, popular astrology, fairies, the Bermuda Triangle, numerology and Tarot readings, despite the common image of these matters as paranormal in the minds of the public and indeed many skeptics.” (Irwin, 1999) Parapsychologist reject these in part from political motives; to give serious consideration to the above phenomena would severely prejudice parapsychology’s already tenuous status as a science in the eyes of the rest of the scientific community.


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