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  1. Some other contemporary contemplative ecological approaches:
    1. Douglas Crockett: Contemplative Ecology as direct unmediated experience
  • Douglas Crockett: Contemplative Ecology as direct unmediated experience ( John Crokett??)
    • Contemplative Ecology
    • Because the crisis involves the entire sweep of the human presence on the planet, the resolution of the crisis must be equally comprehensive. Our understanding of the crisis and its resolution are based in ecology and contemplation: encountering our essential emptiness, having an attentive relationship with the natural world, listening in and recording natural soundscapes and radically reorienting our lives.
    • We are ambassadors for two related realms: the realm of the other animals: their music, their beauty, their intelligence, their creativity, how we can live in relationship with them, how little we understand them; and the realm of silence, emptiness, deep listening, unfathomable reality, contemplation. These realms matter. They deserve our attention, even while their essence remains elusive. We call the conjoining of these two realms “Contemplative Ecology.” Contemplative ecology makes possible the kind of change that is required of us now. It might even be the only thing that makes it possible.

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Metta Center for Contemplative Ecology

  • Metta Earth institute offers retreats, trainings, programs, workshops, and consultations to integrate:
      • contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation
      • ecological, sustainable community life ways
      • wilderness awareness and ways to reconnect with nature
      • creation of sanctuaries for communication, art, soul & psyche.
    • Metta Earth Institute is a place to explore solutions for a global shift of consciousness supporting the revitalization of a care based society and a rejuvenation of nature and earth.
    • Contemplative Ecology
      • Contemplative Ecology is the integration of yoga, meditation, and other contemplative practices with pathways for ecologically sustainable, and even thriveable lifeways.  In a time of collapsing social constructs and a highly degraded environment, this work is dedicated to cultural renewal generating compassion for all life.
      • “Metta” in the Pali language means “loving kindness”
      • Metta Earth is “Compassion for Earth”
    • Their Mission
      • METTA EARTH, INC., a Center for Contemplative Ecology, is an educational retreat center integrating contemplative practice, deep ecology, regenerative food systems, and social activism to create resilient sustainable communities.

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