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The web of interrelatedness that is “ecology” not only scales up to encompass the globe in the form of the biosphere; it also manifests its intricacies and beauties locally. While modern technology has led to a rise in human awareness about the nonlinear relations between the global and the local (“glocalization”), along with concern about how to conceive the scaling from local-to-global, and vice versa, in our thinking, this is merely a latecomer to an ecological fact of local-global systems and their relations that has always been at play throughout the evolution of the Earth.

The accompanying resources in this subsection are from a handful of insightful thinkers who urge us to pay attention – indeed, our intimate attention; our affection, and our love – to what is near to us, to the landscapes, waterways, animals, plants, and the whole ensemble of nature, not in the abstract, but concretely where we live among them.

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